Catching Bluegill Through The Ice-How Much Does Color Mean?

For this trip we spent another day targeting Bluegill. Once again it was single digit temperatures with minus twenty wind chill so we set up in twenty feet of water. The first rod wasn’t all the way to the bottom and I hit a nine inch Bluegill. Just as soon as I got that same pole back down to the bottom another one hit. By this time I knew Riley and I had picked a good spot!?For the next twenty minutes I couldn’t hardly handle two poles they were hitting so fast. I was catching them one right after another while Riley was at a much slower pace. I had started out with pink jigs, and on this day it was the correct choice.

Riley switched to a pink jig but he still wasn’t having the luck I did. After a couple of hours the bite slowed down, so as we were trying to figure out why they were hitting better on mine we realized the difference was that his were pink on both sides and mine had a silver back.

Color has always made a difference, but we had never taken into consideration the difference between both sides or one being painted. Every trip is a learning experience and this one taught us another lesson.

I don’t know how many fish we caught total but we ended up keeping thirty two that were eight and one half inches or bigger. It doesn’t get much better than bringing home supper and learning a new trick all in the same day!

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