Sub-Zero Day On The Ice

On December 30th we hit the ice for the first time this year. We had went into a deep freeze and the forecast was calling for a high of eight degrees with fifteen mile per hour winds so we decided to put up the shanty and stay warm.

We were targeting Bluegill and the action started right away. In the first hour we pulled out several fish, jig color didn’t seem to matter at all. After the first hour it became a color and presentation game. Pink and green had stopped working, orange and black were the go-to colors. Most of our fish were caught on the bottom in twenty-two feet of water. Every once in a while we would catch a fish three to four feet off the bottom. The fish that were suspended higher up wanted movement while the fish holding to the bottom preferred a more still presentation. We did our best to stay away from the Bass but still ended up with a couple small ones.

It had been years since I fished in a shanty, but after this day I am looking forward to more sub-zero days. Being stuck in one spot produced fewer fish than we are used to catching; however, with the heat on and a thermos full of coffee I had no complaints!

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