Sometimes History With A Deer Is Better Than Antler Size. 

By the time November rolled around I hadn’t seen any mature deer either on camera or in person. I had passed on a beautiful young 10 point twice and was convinced my tag wasn’t going to get filled this year.

Well, I was proven wrong and on November 10th, old crab claw finally showed up! This was a deer I had caught just a few times on camera over the last three years. Every year he would show up once or twice then disappear. I was really confused looking through pictures as to why his brows and mass were different. This was a deer I knew, but something was wrong. It took me a while to figure out the dates on my camera were wrong for a few days, I had changed the batteries and messed it up (actually did that multiple times last year). I am still a little confused why his right brow was split every year but one. My thought is that it could have been weak because it tried to split each year. He didn’t break it in 2016 and recently he hadn’t  put on much size.  So I decided to take him and learned my lesson to pay attention while setting cameras. I put my cameras in the same spots every year and always leave buck pictures on the card in case something happens to my computer. That is something I will not do anymore. 

It was a weird feeling to get this deer because I had so much history without actually seeing him. I have killed some very nice deer, but this was one of them that really made all the work and time spent worth it!

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