2017 Fall Championship-4th Place Finish

Rob Clodfelder and I finished in 4th place at the Fall Championship on the Ohio River. I was lucky enough to catch my personal best to get the day started. We landed three fish and lost one with only 15 minutes left in the tournament!That list fish really hurt us because third place beat us by 5 ounces. Living five hours from the Ohio River, we are not able to pre-fish. Rob did get a chance to pre-fish the previous weekend, and that made a huge difference just being able to get familiar with the water. Rob and his wife, Lynn, caught several nice fish while they were there pre- fishing. Of course, during the tournament a big cold front moved in and it rained for several days causing the river to not only rise but drop the water temperature five degrees. We knew the techniques Rob used the week before weren’t going to work, so we stuck to the game plan of targeting those same fish. It took us awhile to figure out a way to get these fish to bite. Although we had to make adjustments all day it felt good to have a game plan that worked. 

The 2017 season has been a great experience fishing a lot of new water I had never seen. I want to give a special thanks to Rob Clodfelder and Whisker Wear Apparel. Without him I would not have been able to do this. And thank you Lyle Stokes, the Blackhorse Rods took a beating and never let me down.

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