Tournament Catfishing 

When most people think of tournament fishing, the first thought that generally comes to their mind is bass fishing. We have all sat and watched coverage of bass, walleye, and crappie tournaments; however, something that has blown up in recent years is catfish tournaments. Some of these events have grown to impressive levels. Sure, there are little club tournaments happening every weekend but the big events unfortunately don’t get the coverage they should. On average, there are close to two hundred boats entered in the big catfish events. The two most prominent are “Monsters on the Ohio” and “Mississippi River Monsters”. In 2016, Monsters on the Ohio had 192 boats, and Mississippi River Monsters entered a respectable 184. While we don’t expect catfish tournaments to reach levels of bass fishing, they continue to grow bigger and better every year with the hard work of tournament directors like Aaron Wheatley and George Young Jr. These events have big stage weigh-ins with plenty of things to do for spectators like casting contests, archery contests, and several vendor booths. Monsters on the Ohio is held in Owensboro, Kentucky. Mississippi River Monsters is hosted in Memphis, Tennessee while the weigh-in takes place at the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid.

So if you are interested in fishing one of these events, being a sponsor, or just watching the eventful weigh-in, feel free to visit their websites: and

Recently Catfish Weekly announced it will be hosting the first National Championship Tournament which will bring teams from all over the country to compete against each other! They are working with every series throughout the country to make this possible. Each trail or single event tournament will be allowed to send their top five finishing teams for a chance at the first true National title. Although catfish tournaments have been around for awhile, it has recently grown to new heights with a lot of new exciting things in the future!

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