Infighting-Don’t be that guy 

Infighting, a hidden conflict or competitiveness within an organization, is a problem we see too often when it comes to social media and sportsmen. Everyone has the right to their own opinion but in many cases it is best to stay quiet. It doesn’t matter what bow someone shoots, what broadhead someone uses, or which rod and reel an individual might prefer; if they are a real sportsman then they’re on the same team as all other sportsmen out there. One of the more problematic situations is how saturated the market has become with so many sportsmen being sponsored by one company or another, or on pro staffs. While believing in a product an individual uses and supporting it is a great thing, they should never chime in when it comes to another company’s product. Promoting products is something that needs to be done with class, which doesn’t mean cutting down other products on that same market. How a person represents his/herself is more important than killing big deer or catching big fish. Companies want people who will promote their product, not get on social media and talk about how bad the competition is. The only thing that does is create more drama which, in turn, looks bad for that sportsman, the company(ies) they work with, and most importantly the whole world watching. Not only are they hindering the sport with negative attention,it is fueling the people opposed to what true sportsmen do, like anti-hunters and animal rights groups. 

In the competitive catfish world there is a constant buzz on social media about regulations and overfishing. While these problems are real and need to be addressed, the fighting it has caused between people is ridiculous. There are a lot of people who have worked hard for a long time to get competitive catfishing to where it is today. Many people have fought for more regulations to protect catfish while dealing with constant criticism from others that didn’t agree with how they approached it. Fighting and drama between each other on social media does nothing but put a black eye on the sport while also slowing down the progression of regulations and tournaments. Most of it is caused by people with an extreme amount of passion for the issue, but it must be kept calm and professional. 

Before judging if a deer is old enough to be harvested by a fellow sportsman, each individual should consider how prized that deer is to someone else who decides to kill it. While I do believe in quality deer management and don’t like to see young deer killed ; it is not my place to get on an open forum and say negative things about someone else who does. To many people, a two year old deer is a trophy, and that is what it is all about. It takes a lot less effort to keep scrolling than type out a response. 

Arguing on the internet has become an everyday thing that needs to stop before it is used against all sportsmen, no matter what their passion is. As stated before, the whole world is watching and there is so much opportunity for words to go astray causing things to get out of hand when it comes to controversial issues. Real issues need to be taken care of behind closed doors and not in the public eye. Save that fight for the people opposed to the things that true sportsmen love to do.

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